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How' ya doin'?

2009-05-11 20:06:41 by thegameboy2008

Hey guys. It's me again. Hope you guys didn't think I was dead because I hadn't made posts in a while. I'm working on a Mortal Kombat animation. This time its gonna be longer than the other crap I made. So far it's 45.9 seconds long. Scorpion is fighting Sub-Zero right now. I'm on deviantArt now btw! I've posted this funny (in my opinion) animation(also on UTube) on it. I may make a trailer for it. There's a sample of it on here: 40509/5137_mk.php tell me if the preloader's crooked or not please, and tell what you think of it(it's gonna have a blank screen for a while and I might have said somethin pretty stupid in the movie).

BTW there's gonna be another Sub-Zero in the animation, and where and what are those sounds D-SuN uses for power star(not the XiaoXiao)

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How' ya doin'?


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2009-05-11 20:08:31

lol, i'd five it.

thegameboy2008 responds:

five the self destruct or the mk animation project?


2009-05-18 20:41:24

Looks cool but why do you keep making fun of your old submissions :'(?

thegameboy2008 responds:

What exactly do you mean?


2009-05-19 20:20:07

Like you say : "This time its gonna be longer than the other crap I made" D: its because of that "crap" that we get better :].

thegameboy2008 responds:

it's very true, and when are 'we' going to make the collab u were talking about, huh?
BTW hope to see you at gmail!