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New MK fatality project

2009-06-23 15:15:10 by thegameboy2008

'Sup dOOds? I'm making a Mortal Kombat fatality screw up flash. It's Mortal Kombat Trilogy, so you can get to see a whole crapload of fatalities: Nightwolf, Johnny Cage, Baraka, nOOb Saibot, Sonya, Raiden, and everybody else. There's gonna be two secrets in the character selection menu, so look closely when it releases. I've skipped ahead to make one of them because I just wanted to get started on it now. MK Anthology has inspried me to make the secret's fatality. And Jade's fatality on "The Lin Kuei"(a funky character in MK Anthlogy, I ripped his spine out with Sub-Zero, yet he is still alive DX), and that gave me the idea to use Jade's staff to stab Rain's you-know-what. You all have inspired me to make an MK fatality messup flash, especially you, Vazz. I dunno when its comming out, cuz there are a lot of characters to work on(30 at the least).


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