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Hi guys!

2008-12-22 16:31:03 by thegameboy2008

Hey! Just workin on another movie; its called Shadows. The first part may not have 'em but YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET!!! 70.3 seconds of it is done :D

Hi guys!

New Website!

2008-12-16 20:51:54 by thegameboy2008

Hi guys ( lol Steve )! I'm making a website! Puttin videos on there and my flash and my other junk, comics, music, vids, etc. Just onequestion: where the heck do I post it? Send me URL to show me where to post it


2008-12-09 17:10:20 by thegameboy2008

OMG ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!! The day Christ was born. The school lets out on the 19th or 22nd lol XD My mom wants me to get crackin on a Christmas list ( not the "Santa Claus" stuff ) DX. The only things were Mortal Kombat Armageddon and Kung Fu Panda I:( What are you guys gonna do on Christmas?


2008-11-24 23:51:57 by thegameboy2008

I'm going to Thomas's mom's place. How about u guys?

MORE!! ( OMG!!!!!!!)

2008-11-23 00:42:24 by thegameboy2008

I'm making another sucky movie!! It's called Luigi's ticked. I'm kidding! It's called Fight for Love. In this picture, it shows that Luigi is ticked off.

MORE!! ( OMG!!!!!!!)

New movie!

2008-11-18 23:48:46 by thegameboy2008

Theres a nu movie comin out! It's called Luigi's Last Boo ( I might put a new title lol ). I'll show a few images to u gis.

New movie!

Cool Programs! XD

2008-11-15 05:36:35 by thegameboy2008

This is cool. My dad got these Adobe softwares from his work and I'm installing one of them right now! It was $700 worth of Adobe software and he got it free. He just installed Adobe Illistator CS4 on his computer. The Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 sounds really cool ( almost like Vegas movie studio lol ). That's why I'm installing it. We have these video tutorials that came with the neat softwares. I learned how to get started with that software. It's really cool, so I decided," Why shouldn't I give this thing a try?" It's almost installed now.

PS: Inswivnia, we should video chat later if you have a webcam lol

Bye lol :]

PBJ animation :)

2008-11-09 22:09:01 by thegameboy2008

I've started a peanut butter jelly time animation, but I been thinkin'; should it be a collab?

Sprite help.

2008-11-09 04:25:58 by thegameboy2008

I need some help on making my own original sprites. Although I do make sprites ( I get the ideas from D-SuN ), I'm a real noob at it. :(


2008-10-26 23:13:46 by thegameboy2008

I've lost sooo much of my interest in Luigi's Possession. I feel like making other things y'know. It's like "Why the heck am I working on it?" Maybe I should stop. @#%$ Luigi's Possession. I'll probably work on remakes and other movies. Well I'll think. There's a great chance that I'll quit my series. It's a Power Star ripoff anyway. That was a comic and that movie together. Sorry I even made that stupid movie. Well I'll work on some other movies.