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A new flash movie

2008-08-30 14:23:13 by thegameboy2008

I'm going to work on a flash movie that's about what Luigi's doing. I finally got Macromedia Flash Pro 8 and Macromedia Fireworks so you won't be worrying about that problem I've been having. I hope your grateful.

Might not make another flash

2008-08-19 04:13:29 by thegameboy2008

Good news everyone! I may not be making stupid pieces of !#%? any more. I hope your happy. It might have to be on Macromedia because of the same god dang excuse!

A comedy short...

2008-08-11 23:13:51 by thegameboy2008

My dad is planning on making a comedy about a guy named Fat Face. Some guy plugs in something, then Fat Face is electrocuted, and he says the SOB word. That's all he planned in the script.Hopefully this is finished soon.

I'm working on it.

2008-08-07 20:27:32 by thegameboy2008

I'm going to make a flash movie called Luigi's birthday. I didn't steal the story about the other Luigi's B-Day. It's a whole different story about Luigi's birthday and Mario tries to find a birthday gift for Luigi, and then finds just the thing for him. It is supposed to be a comic book about the Mario bros. against Wart. Hopefully this is better than that stupid piece of junk I showed you guys. So that's all I came up with. I hope you'll enjoy the flick once it's done. Visit E.

Never mind....

2008-08-04 17:46:40 by thegameboy2008

I won't be getting Macromedia flash pro 8, but might get Adobe flash CS3 professional. I still don't know what to get started on. I'm only a PowerPoint nerd right now. I can't get started on that video I told you about the last news because I'm not finished with the spritesheet yet. I stopped working on a comic but I might make it a flash movie.

Flash software

2008-07-31 01:08:02 by thegameboy2008

Good news everybody! Tomorrow I might be getting Macromedia flash professional 8! I don't know what I want to get started on; I've had a couple of ideas for a flash movie about when a Shadow is getting Force gems and it's up to one red mage. I hope you won't be mad if I don't get it.